Flawsome Juice


Flawsome! was founded by passionate duo who was inspired by their nan's tasty recipes to start saving imperfect fruit and transform it into perfectly crafted cold-pressed juice.

A trip to local farm opened the eyes of the founders to the food waste problem - specifically the devastating effect that excessive aesthetic standards imposed by supermarket have on the food we consume.

Fairer to farmers.
Saving the rejected.
Better for the planet.

Thirsty Planet

thirsty planet.png

With every bottle brought a donation is given to pump aid. Their work brings clean water across disadvantage communities across Africa


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They're all about change.
By brewing planet-saving beer with surplus fresh bread and donating all of our profits to charity, They're here to fix the food system and create a global community of change-makers

Blackback Mountain Strength


An English vodka produced by Gorilla Spirits, the distillers donate £1 for every bottle sold to the Gorilla Organization to help protect gorillas